World Prestige is pleased to offer you an authentic experience based on expert hands, capable of truly improving well-being combined with a 360 ° concept of Beauty - Wellness.

The first-class personalized service combines with the typical Capri hospitality providing a unique experience.

Customers can choose from the various services listed:
- Physiotherapy
- Physio – Aesthetics
- Massage
- Bio Thai
- Nail Care
- Hair Removal
- Make up
- Hair Dresser
- Fitness Experience
- “Ceremonies” (Esclusive World Prestige)


You can combine a holiday in Capri with the resolution of chronic ailments or with a rehabilitation phase. Thanks to our offers, you can take advantage of the most updated and effective physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods during your stay on the island.

The treatments

Physiotherapic Treatment45 Min.--
Physiotherapic Massage55 Min.--
Diathermy Human Tecar30 Min.--
Human Tecar60 Min.--
Shock Waves – Storz Medical--
Laser therapy--
Magneto therapy40 Min.--
Iontophoresis40 Min.--

Physio – Aesthetics

The Physio – Aesthetics researches the pathologies that are at the base of skin imperfections. Using electro-medical devices and manual techniques from physiotherapy, it offers treatments that can improve the physiological functioning of the body.

The treatments

Tecar - Anti-aging Facial treatment55 Min.--
Tecar - Anti-cellulite Body treatment55 Min.--
Shock Waves Storz – Facial Treatment55 Min.--
Shock Waves Storz – Body treatment:
Upper Arms50 Min.--
Abdomen/Stomach50 Min.--
Things and Buttocks70 Min.--

Body Massage

It is an ancient form of therapy and also one of the most natural gestures we make every day. The use of massage, to eliminate fatigue, relieve pain, relax, is more easily allowed with the application of oils and ointments on the skin.

The treatments

Post Jet Leg55 Min.90 Min.
Couples Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Lymphatic Drainage Vodder Method70 Min.
Candle Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Maternity Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Thai Herbal Compress Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Bamboo Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Hot Stone Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Deep Tissue Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Swedish Massage55 Min.90 Min.
Foot Massage45 Min.

Bio Thai

Bio Thai is born from the ancient Thai herbal tradition. The treatments are made using unique for their quality, naturalness and effectiveness. The products are handcrafted and formulated with the purest and selected ingredients offered by nature. A perfect union between East and West with full respect for people and the environment.

The treatments

The Purity of the Face
Aloe Sensory Touch
Oriental Gems (Anti Age)
Omega 3 Illuminating Facial
Oriental Face Lifting
Body Complex Sculpting System
Body Complex Remodeling System

Nail Care

Taking care of your hands is important. A neat and creative manicure is a true beauty accessory. Having well-groomed, healthy and aesthetically perfect hands and nails is essential to always feel at ease and confident. By relying on the professionalism of a competent and qualified beautician, you will have elegant and healthy hands and nails.

I trattamenti

SPA Manicure
SPA Pedicure
Men's Manicure
Men's Pedicure
Polish replacement
Gel Remove
French Application
Semi Permanent Manicure CND Shellac
Semi Permanent Pedicure CND Shellac

Hair Removal

Hair removal is an ancient art, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. This aesthetic practice reduces the hair naturally present on the body of men and women by removing them completely, from the surface to the bulb. We provide both traditional techniques, with the use of specific products and creams, and innovative photo-epilation techniques, for the progressive elimination of unwanted hair, giving the pleasure of healthy, silky-smooth skin, everywhere. A gentle cleaning to prepare the skin for treatment. A refreshing and soothing balm is applied at the end.

The treatments

Hair Removal:
Upper lip
Partial Leg
Full Leg
Eyebrows Shape
Eyebrows Tint
Eyebrows Hennè Tint
YUMI Lashes Keratin Tint90 Min.

Make Up

We offer various beauty and make-up services, from the classic day / evening makeup, to semi-permanent makeup, to bridal makeup, made by expert hands of specialized make-up artists.

The treatments

Make up Application
Bridal Make up Application Trial
Bridal Make up Application

Make Up

We offer various beauty and make-up services, from the classic day / evening makeup, to semi-permanent makeup, to bridal makeup, made by expert hands of specialized make-up artists.

The treatments

Make up Application
Bridal Make up Application Trial
Bridal Make up Application


If you want to always be impeccable, you can only have your hair in order. For this reason, we offer a professional Hair Stylist service ready for any customer request. The service is also provided for events such as weddings.

The treatments

Blowdry (short/medium/long)
Hair Cut
Special Occasion Upstyle
Men’s Cut
Men’s Razor Cut
Bridal Hair Styling Trial
Bridal Hair Styling

Fitness Experience

Guests may require the assistance of a qualified personal trainer for their daily training. We are happy to provide this service through the professionalism of highly qualified specialists and graduates in Sports Sciences.

The treatments

Stott Pilates

Ceremonies (Esclusive)

“Ceremonies” are exclusive packages created for lovers of Beauty and Wellness.

The Packages

Goodmorning Capri 2H:

– Jogging Path Sea View

– Lemon Juice Tasting

– Massage

Meeting in the morning with a qualified personal trainer to start the day with 1 hour of running and / or jogging, with intensity and path tailored to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Having the opportunity to stop for a drink of local lemon juice. Conclude this morning ritual with 1 hour of massage chosen from those listed above.

Capri’s Emperor 2H:

– Deep Cleaning

– Facial Ritual

– Relaxing Massage

This ritual is designed for the gentleman’s need for toned muscles and a skin of the face and body hydrated and free of impurities

Path of the Goddess  2H:

– Floral Oriental Regenerating Massage

– Illuminating an Rejuvenating Facial Ritual

Detoxifying, relaxing and rejuvenating anti-aging ritual. The use of aromatic vegetable oils, Jasmine rice powder and extracts of Asian plants in synergy with deep and enveloping massage maneuvers will favor the elimination of toxins and the rejuvenation of tissues. The personalized essential oils will help to fill the mind by instilling a state of serenity and absolute lightness.

Dolce vita:

– Manicure

– Blowdry

– Make up Application

Ritual designed for those who want to give themselves a touch of beauty for an appointment or a dinner with friends.


In addition, we provide the yacht owners and their guests with the wide range of luxury services and treatments on board.During the boat holiday, they can spend their days relaxing and enjoying most of the services listed above.

Price on requesti.