Choose the dream proposal that's right for you and celebrate your bachelorette party or that of a friend. Whether you are looking for an experience in the name of luxury and the most refined transgression or a night of wild dancing, up to "feel your head spinning", or wellness rituals marked by the light time of relaxation, we can offer you what you want: a unique bachelorette party, with your friends, in one of the most exclusive places dedicated to love: Capri!

Welcome to Capri!

Amaze is our motto for Bachelorette days! 

It starts with the welcome and the desire to feel pampered, the future bride in the first place but also the friends who crown him. As soon as you have landed on the Island, here is a first thought for you, an exclusive gift delivered as soon as you have landed, the perfume of Capri, an exclusive essence chosen for the great stars, in a refined personalized package with the name engraved on the bottle …

… and for friends? The obligation to participate in the party with the T-shirts with the name of “She” to wear for the whole day and a series of other surprises and gadgets previously agreed upon.

Here begins the joy of feeling masters of the Island of love by abandoning ourselves to our exclusive proposals:


Capri is lived and known from the sea, we offer you an exclusive tour around the island that will give you the opportunity to appreciate the many beauties that the Capri coast offers. Caves, romantic beaches, breathtaking corners for a tour that will remain in your memory

forever ... You can swim all together, in the most incredible places recommended by our expert sailors; you will toast together among the Faraglioni and enjoy every service and relaxation necessary for the tour. We have available from typical goiters, to speedboats to fast motorboats to choose according to the size of your group.


If you prefer that your day is marked by feeling beautiful and pampered, our wellness proposal can only be the ideal solution. We put at your disposal the use of wellness centers in some of the most exclusive island hotels, with massages and beauty treatments combined with the use of swimming pools, saunas and anything else to live moments together to feel beautiful and relaxing in the most exciting way !


Not a simple dinner with friends but an explosion of taste and joy in one of the trendiest restaurants of Capri's nightlife between "personalized" dishes and an involvement that will make you protagonists of something truly unique ...


Well .. such a day can only end in the trendiest place where the most unrestrained entertainment stars and characters of the international jet set find the fun. We will reserve a table for you at Anema e Core, the place of the legendary Guido Lembo, where the table is used not only to put your glasses down but also to dance on it ... You can't let yourself go any further ...

Basic package fee per person inclusive:

–          Surprise gift to the bride and special gifts to all participants;

–          Tour of the island in private boat with sailor;

–          Picnic on the sea with Caprese Sandwich, soft drink and toast with prosecco;

–          Entrance with drink at Taverna Anema e Core;


Price on request.


Price packages inclusive of Wellness and Relax and Dinner services on request.